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4 Steps to Boosting Positive PR for your Nonprofit


For most not-for-profits, there is no such thing as too much good publicity. If you are struggling to get enough attention from media outlets, follow these steps:

1. Seize the day. Raise your nonprofit’s profile by putting out news releases regularly rather than just occasionally. A variety of events, such as the addition of a key staff member, an operational milestone, a new grant you’ve received or the kick-off of a fundraising campaign, can warrant a press release.

2. Target the right media. Go beyond simply sending out news releases and become familiar with potential media targets. Focus on outlets that are most likely to use your press releases — for example, local newspapers that have a section devoted to community news. Get to know assignment editors, their key sections and special features, target audiences, and publication and broadcast schedules. By taking the time, you can pinpoint the most suitable outlets for your news.

3. Time your news. When it comes to good publicity, timing can be everything. You might increase your odds of coverage by submitting requests at the start of a new publication cycle. Another tactic is to host an event or release an important announcement on a typically slow news day. For example, daily newspapers and local television stations may be particularly receptive to requests for coverage on Sundays.

4. Make it local. Providing a local angle on an issue of national importance will increase your appeal to the media. Whenever possible, offer an expert source from your organization who can talk knowledgeably about the local impact of a national story. By positioning yourself and your organization as an authority and noting trends and other interesting items, you can grab the attention of reporters and editors.

Getting your nonprofit in the news in a positive way broadens its exposure, enhances its credibility and enables you to spread the word about your mission to potential donors — all free of charge. It just takes a little strategic planning on your part.


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4 Steps to Boosting Positive PR for your Nonprofit

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