Health & Human Services

As an executive leader, your passion is your mission; however, you likely seek ways to improve efficiencies and continuity in the delivery of your mission. That can be a challenge in a highly regulated industry. With operational costs on the rise and funding on the decline, you need to find a path toward achieving your financial objectives while meeting the increasing demand for full transparency.

For the past six decades, Lumsden McCormick has met the accounting needs of health and human service providers of all sizes. Our assurance, tax, and consulting teams work collaboratively to ensure that you reach your financial targets while remaining in full compliance of regulatory requirements for grant-receiving organizations. Our nonprofit professionals will help advise you in your work with private and public sector partners.

Our services to health and human services organizations include:

Audit and Assurance Services

Tax Services

Consulting Services

  • Alternative investments
  • Bonding and other financing
  • For-profit subsidiary corporations
  • Forensic accounting and investigations 
  • Initial formation and exemption applications
  • Institutional investing
  • Rate reimbursement

For more information about our accounting and consulting services for health and human services organizations, contact Jill Johnson or complete the form below.

Services Leaders

Peter DeSabio

Peter J. DeSabio, CPA

Michael Grimaldi

Michael J. Grimaldi, CPA

Jill Johnson

Jill M. Johnson, CPA, CFE, CITP, FHFMA

Elizabeth Krause

Elizabeth S. Krause, CPA


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AuditWatch University Level 3

May 23, 2020

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AuditWatch University Level 2

May 23, 2020

AuditWatch Level 2: Experience Staff Training introduces auditors to the complete audit process and plan. It focuses on ways for staff and senior accountants to significantly participate in the risk assessment procedures, including efforts surrounding internal controls.

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