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Tax Credits and Incentives

Refundable tax credits, tax abatements, grants and forgivable loans are just a few of the many tax credits and incentives offered by federal, state, and local agencies. And while each encourages investment, spurs job creation, and fosters growth, navigating the requirements demands an advisor who knows the landscape.  

We’re Experts — So You Don’t Have to Be

Our experience includes deep knowledge of:

  • Which incentives are available—including those not widely known
  • How to apply for, evaluate and accelerate receipt of funds
  • Application requirements and deadlines
  • The importance of cash flow projections in the receipt of funds
  • Empire State Development (ESD) and the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA)
  • The benefits and risks of available incentives
  • The importance of confidentiality

What’s Available —Tax Credits and Incentives


  • Federal Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit
  • Federal Work Opportunity Credit
  • Federal Empowerment Zone Credit
  • Federal New Markets Credit
  • Federal Opportunity Zone Benefits
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits

New York State:

  • Brownfield Cleanup Program
  • Empire Zone Credits
  • Employment Incentive Credit
  • Excelsior Jobs Program (EJP) Historic Rehabilitation Credit
  • Investment Tax Credit Film Tax Credit: Lumsden McCormick is prequalified to perform third-party reviews of tax credit applications according to agreed-upon procedures established and published by Empire State Development - Read More
  • Reduced Tax Rates for Manufacturers
  • Start-Up NY


  • Energy incentives from the NY Power Authority, National Grid, and New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
  • Excelsior Jobs Program
  • Industrial Development Agency (IDA)
  • Regional Economic Development Council
  • Training and Workforce Grants

Over the years we have developed an insider’s view of the requirements and application process, timing, and impact to your bottom line. We can successfully lead you through the process from start to finish, ensuring that we have pursued every available benefit.

For more information about our business tax credits and incentive strategies, contact Cory Van Deusen or complete the form below.

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