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Audit, Review, Compilation

Many businesses require one of three levels of financial statement services depending on their various needs. We provide audit, review, and compilation services that help you establish reporting credibility with lenders, investors, vendors, and customers.  Our comprehensive, proactive, and accessible approach offers proper balance based on the level of assurance required by your financial statements and third-party relationships. 

Audit Services

When you want the highest level of assurance to affirm that your financial statements are free of material misstatement, an audit is required. We believe that for an audit to be truly effective, the unique characteristics and risks of each organization in relation to the operating environment, business goals, and needs of the end user need to be considered. When Lumsden McCormick expresses an opinion on your financial statements, you can be confident your financial statements address compliance with current accounting standards and are performed by an engagement team with industry expertise.

Review Services

When your need is limited in scope and a complete audit is not required, a review is recommended. The process to perform a review includes primarily applying analytical procedures to financial data and making inquiries of company management. Based on our review, we will report whether or not we are aware of any material modifications that should be made to the financial statements for them to be in accordance with pertinent accounting guidance.

Compilation Services

Regardless of your industry, having an understanding of your financial health is critical. The accountants’ objective of a compilation is to assist management present financial data in the form of financial statements; there is no opinion expressed as to the accuracy of the financial statements. The accountant’s compilation report can be issued as of or for any specific time period. 

Whether we perform audits or reviews of your financial statements, or simply compile them, you can be assured that we proactively seek ways to help improve your operations.

For more information about audit, review, and compilation services from Lumsden McCormick, please contact an assurance service leader named below or complete the form. 

Services Leaders

William Allen

William P. Allen, CPA/ABV, CFE

John Anderson

John D. Anderson,

Staff Accountant
William Bakke

William R. Bakke, CPA

Senior Accountant
Matthew Bartle

Matthew W. Bartle,

Director of Information Technology
Christine Bova

Christine A. Bova,

Administrative Assistant
Anthony Bradica

Anthony M. Bradica, CPA

Staff Accountant
Joshua Brocklehurst

Joshua W. Brocklehurst,

Staff Accountant
Timothy Bubar

Timothy J. Bubar, CPA

Jeffrey Budzinski

Jeffrey M. Budzinski, CFS®

Financial Advisor
Thomas Burns

Thomas M. Burns, CPA, CMA

Cheryl Caughel

Cheryl A. Caughel,

Accounting Services Specialist
Louis Cercone Jr.

Louis J. Cercone, Jr., CPA, CFE, CFF, ABV, ASA, CVA

Hayden Coll

Hayden A. Coll, CPA

Staff Accountant
Isabella Conidi

Isabella F. Conidi, CPA

Staff Accountant
Matthew Cronmiller

Matthew J. Cronmiller, CPA

Staff Accountant
Alexander Darrow

Alexander J. Darrow,

Staff Accountant
Sara Dayton

Sara M. Dayton, CPA

Sherry DelleBovi

Sherry L. DelleBovi, CPA

Dale Demyanick

Dale B. Demyanick, CPA

Peter DeSabio

Peter J. DeSabio, CPA

Aminatou Diallo

Aminatou "Amina" Diallo, CPA

Senior Accountant
James Dunn Jr.

James M. Dunn, Jr., CPA

Sandra Fantauzzo

Sandra A. Fantauzzo,

File Administrator
Tonya Gaines

Tonya U. Gaines,

Maria Gambacorta

Maria Gambacorta,

Director of Marketing
John George

John F. George, CPA

Senior Accountant
Donna Gonser

Donna M. Gonser, CPA

Michael Grimaldi

Michael J. Grimaldi, CPA

Kayla Gruen

Kayla M. Gruen,

Staff Accountant
Kim Hanaka

Kim M. Hanaka,

Administrative Assistant
Seth Hennard

Seth D. Hennard, CPA, CGFM, CHFP

Paul Herlan

Paul M. Herlan,

Director of Buisness Development
Kristen Herle

Kristen N. Herle, CPA

Staff Accountant
Francesca Hietanen

Francesca P. Hietanen,

Staff Accountant
Sarah Hopkins

Sarah M. Hopkins, CPA

Julia Huston

Julia R. Huston,

Senior Accountant
Robert Ingrasci

Robert P. Ingrasci, CPA

Alexander Intihar

Alexander R. Intihar,

Staff Accountant
Cheryl A. Jankowski

Cheryl A. Jankowski, CPA

Mark Janulewicz

Mark G. Janulewicz, CPA

Kyle Januszkiewicz

Kyle J. Januszkiewicz, CPA

Staff Accountant
Jill Johnson

Jill M. Johnson, CPA, CFE, CITP, FHFMA

Thomas Jost

Thomas R. Jost,

Staff Accountant
Cathleen Karpik

Cathleen M. Karpik, CPA

Brian Kern

Brian J. Kern, CPA

Elizabeth Krause

Elizabeth S. Krause, CPA

Kelsey Kuppinger

Kelsey P. Kuppinger, CPA

Elizabeth LaLonde

Elizabeth M. LaLonde,

Senior Accountant
Robert Loccisano

Robert S. Loccisano, CPA

Senior Accountant
Christopher Lukowski

Christopher Lukowski, CPA, CFE

Megan E. Mahaney

Megan E. Mahaney,

Administrative Assistant
Kelly Mandell

Kelly M. Mandell,

Staff Analyst
Derek Marks

Derek R. Marks, CPA

Senior Accountant
Dana McKenzie

Dana M. McKenzie,

Tax Paraprofessional
Claire McNamara

Claire M. McNamara,

Wealth Management Assistant
Johnathon Miles

Johnathon E. Miles, CPA/ABV

Senior Analyst
Anthony Mittiga

Anthony J. Mittiga,

Staff Accountant
Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth A. Moon,

Tax Paraprofessional
Amanda Mooney

Amanda L. Mooney, CPA

Megan Morris

Megan E. Morris, CPA

Senior Accountant
G. Scott Murray

G. Scott Murray,

Director of Finance and Facilities
D’Marie Murray

D'Marie L. Murray, CPA

Douglas Muth

Douglas C. Muth, CPA

Michē Needham

Michē C. Needham, CPA

Rory O’Connor

Rory B. O'Connor,

Information Technology Assistant
Emma Ouweleen

Emma C. Ouweleen,

Staff Accountant
Jenna Palczynski

Jenna Palczynski,

Staff Analyst
Amanda Popovich

Amanda M. Popovich, CPA

Staff Accountant
Christine Proulx

Christine N. Proulx, MBA

Marketing Assistant
Kristin Re’

Kristin M. Re', CPA

Senior Accountant
Alex Reid

Alex Reid, CPA

Staff Accountant
Connie Ricotta

Connie J. Ricotta, CPA

Kristen Robillard

Kristen A. Robillard,

Senior Accountant
Kerry Roets

Kerry A. Roets, CPA

Jonathan Roller

Jonathan L. Roller, CPA

Caitlin Root

Caitlin C. Root, CPA

Senior Accountant
Adrianna Rossi

Adrianna Rossi,

Staff Accountant
John Schiavone

John P. Schiavone, CPA

David Schlein

David A. Schlein, CPA

Barbara Schnurstein

Barbara D. Schnurstein,

Administrative Assistant
Benjamin Schuver

Benjamin A. Schuver, CPA

Senior Analyst
Kevin Smeader

Kevin J. Smeader, CPA

Senior Accountant
Douglas Sosnowski

Douglas P. Sosnowski, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFF

Mark Stack

Mark D. Stack, CPA

Bryan Staniszewski

Bryan J. Staniszewski, CPA/PFS, CFP®, AIF®, MBA

Certified Financial Planner™
Megan Strassburg

Megan L. Strassburg,

Accounts Payable Assistant
Kathleen Strobele

Kathleen M. Strobele,

Senior Accounting Services Specialist
Nicole Swift

Nicole G. Swift,

Senior Accountant
Robert Torella

Robert S. Torella, CPA

Jenna Torella

Jenna A. Torella, CPA

Senior Accountant
Jonathan Urban

Jonathan M. Urban,

Senior Implementation Specialist
Angela Vacanti

Angela I. Vacanti, CPA

Senior Accountant
Cory Van Deusen V

Courtland "Cory" Van Deusen V, CPA

Laura Vitello

Laura E. Vitello,

Senior Accountant
Stephanie Wilkinson

Stephanie L. Wilkinson, SHRM-CP, SPHR, PAFM

Director of Human Resources and Administration
Emilie Wuerch

Emilie A. Wuerch,

Senior Accountant
Mary Young

Mary F. Young, CPA, CIA


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