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State and Local Tax (SALT)

When operating a multi-national business, one of your top concerns is likely the tax incurred in each state.   There are tens of thousands of state and local tax jurisdictions nationwide, each with a unique set of rules and regulations.  Many state and local governments are taking a more aggressive approach to creating and enforcing their tax regulations, often without statutes of limitation. In addition, new state tax rules and regulations are enacted each year, leaving you to wonder if you are in compliance, overpaying taxes, or making informed decisions. 

Custom-Tailored Solutions by Experienced Tax Experts

We conduct state and local tax research and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.  Our professionals stay abreast of state law changes to give you the information you need to know how to avoid future concerns. We conduct nexus studies, work with states when needed, and help you stay proactive with compliance issues as your business expands.   

SALT Services  

  • Apportionment Assistance  
  • Exemption Certificate Consulting 
  • Income/Franchise Tax Returns and Gross Receipts 
  • Income/Franchise Nexus Studies
  • Property Tax 
  • Registration Assistance 
  • Sales/Use Tax Returns 
  • Sales Tax Nexus Studies
  • Site Selection with Tax Credits/Incentives Comparative Analysis 
  • State Income Tax Return Review 
  • State Inquiry/Notice Response Assistance 
  • State Registration Assistance 
  • Taxability Studies 
  • Unclaimed Property Compliance 

Our experts have considerable experience in proactively reducing SALT liabilities by navigating state tax rules and regulations to optimize savings opportunities. We are proactive in our approach, and you will find our team accessible and committed to reducing your tax burden and increasing your cash flow. 

For more information about SALT services from Lumsden McCormick, please contact Mark Stack or complete the form below.  

Services Leaders

Angela Miles

Angela I. Miles, CPA

Mark Stack

Mark D. Stack, CPA


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