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When you have worked hard to achieve financial success, you want the peace of mind that your wealth is being protected, preserved, and maximized.  Lumsden McCormick family wealth and estate professionals will work with you to safeguard your assets and help you accomplish the goals that are most important to you. 

Innovative tax planning strategies that not only help you gain wealth, but help you keep it, too.

When you work with Lumsden McCormick you will collaborate with a team of certified public accountants who will implement strategies that are compliant with the current tax regulations so to protect your assets now and in the future. The strategies our accessible CPAs implement will help you maximize your wealth, protect and preserve it, and then successfully transfer it to the individuals and institutions important to you.

Working with your legal counsel and other professional advisors, Lumsden McCormick keeps you and your family’s well-being in mind every step of the way as we help you achieve your personal, financial, and estate goals.

We can help you identify and prioritize your objectives and goals or review an existing plan to better optimize your assets. Whether it’s providing for future generations or funding a favorite charity, we can assist in establishing safeguards to preserve well-earned assets, providing for continued income, and preparing for all the changes life can bring. Our proactive approach to these services includes:

For more information about the family wealth management and estate planning services from Lumsden McCormick, please contact Cheryl Jankowski, a service leader, or complete the form below.

Services Leaders

Dale Demyanick

Dale B. Demyanick, CPA

Robert Ingrasci

Robert P. Ingrasci, CPA

Cheryl A. Jankowski

Cheryl A. Jankowski, CPA, CEPA

D’Marie Murray

D'Marie L. Murray, CPA

Connie Ricotta

Connie J. Ricotta, CPA


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Webinar Series Part IV: IRS Audit - Coming Soon Near You

July 14, 2021

The executive branch is looking to increase revenue for the IRS. Translation: expect to see an increase in the number of IRS audits being performed, including industries not traditionally targeted.

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Webinar Series Part V: Changes to Lease Accounting and How it Impacts Your Business

Webinar Series Part V: Changes to Lease Accounting and How it Impacts Your Business

July 27, 2021

The accounting for leases is changing significantly. The required implementation of FASB ASC 842 will mandate that most leases are included on the balance sheet as a right-of-use asset, with a corresponding lease liability. The new standard will impact nearly all commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations and is effective for annual reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2021.

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