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Businesses need every advantage to help them achieve their financial objectives and compete in the marketplace. You can count on Lumsden McCormick to swiftly take advantage of every tax-savings opportunity so you can focus on the day to day operations.

Providing top-quality business tax services to commercial entities of all sizes and scopes has been a Lumsden McCormick hallmark since our inception in 1952. Through the proactive management of even your most complex business tax matters, our skilled tax advisors turn your financial information into a strategic business tool to manage the tax consequences of business, investment, and other financial decisions.

Our respected and skilled team of multidisciplinary tax professionals will collaborate with your team to develop long-term strategies all while focusing on the highly specialized aspects of your operations. Our membership in the BDO Alliance USA provides us with access to national and international resources that help us stay on top of issues affecting your business. We will alert you to potential opportunities and help you take advantage of those most beneficial to you. By integrating tax planning with every aspect of financial decision-making, you will benefit from planning strategies that maximize your tax advantages.

Most of our clients have been with us for decades, and depend on us for advice on a wide range of issues including:

In addition to strict adherence to all business tax deadlines, our value to you can be measured by how accessible and innovative we are in providing advice that takes all of your tax, business, and personal objectives into careful consideration.

For more information about our business tax planning strategies, contact a Lumsden McCormick service leader or complete the form below.

Services Leaders

Sherry DelleBovi

Sherry L. DelleBovi, CPA

Cheryl A. Jankowski

Cheryl A. Jankowski, CPA, CEPA

Mark Janulewicz

Mark G. Janulewicz, CPA

Brian Kern

Brian J. Kern, CPA

Angela Miles

Angela I. Miles, CPA

D’Marie Murray

D'Marie L. Murray, CPA

Michē Needham

Michē C. Needham, CPA

Kristin Re’

Kristin M. Re', CPA

Kerry Roets

Kerry A. Roets, CPA

Jonathan Roller

Jonathan L. Roller, CPA

David Schlein

David A. Schlein, CPA

Kevin Smeader

Kevin J. Smeader, CPA

Mark Stack

Mark D. Stack, CPA

Cory Van Deusen V

Courtland "Cory" Van Deusen V, CPA

Kelsey Weigel

Kelsey P. Weigel, CPA


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Webinar Series Part III: Planning, Planning, and More Planning - What’s Necessary to Optimize Your Personal Financial Position

Webinar Series Part III: Planning, Planning, and More Planning - What's Necessary to Optimize Your Personal Financial Position

June 22, 2021

Given the proposed tax rate increase to individuals, planning will be the key to mitigate financial stress. Your key takeaways from this one-hour discussion will include planning strategies that you can implement now.

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Webinar Series Part I: Federal Tax Laws Gone Wild

Webinar Series Part I: Federal Tax Laws Gone Wild

May 25, 2021

Planning is key to mitigate the impact of the administration's proposed tax law changes expected for tax year 2021. This one-hour presentation will review the potential changes and the impact to your operations.

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