School Districts

The accounting services team plays an essential role in the ability of a school district to provide quality education. As the largest category of state and local entities in the number of employees and total funding, school districts must meet numerous compliance and reporting requirements.  

With experience serving more than 100 educational institutions and school districts over several decades, Lumsden McCormick provides external and internal auditing services to school districts, charter and private schools, and public and private colleges and universities.   

Our CPAs and government and school district industry experts have deep industry expertise in this specialty area. We travel to Albany on a regular basis, are involved with local and statewide school associations, and provide associates with specialized training each year. With all of this experience, we know what changes will impact school districts and proactively prepare for them. 

We serve a wide variety of school districts, from small, rural districts to those with thousands of employees and revenues in excess of $150 million. These diverse experiences have provided us with a thorough understanding of the financial, reporting, and operational challenges facing school districts. Our team proactively answers questions and provides insightful advice on property tax caps, reserve requirements, and compliance with NY’s Five Point Plan.   
Our school district services include: 

Audit and Assurance Services 

Consulting Services 

Exempt Organizations Conference

Every fall, Lumsden McCormick sponsors an Exempt Organizations Conference featuring local and national experts presenting on a variety of pertinent industry topics. Visit our Events page for more information; details to follow. Contact Maria Gambacorta with further questions. 

For more information about our audit, accounting, and consulting services for school districts, contact Sara Dayton or complete the form below.  

Services Leaders

Sara Dayton

Sara M. Dayton, CPA

Elizabeth Krause

Elizabeth S. Krause, CPA

Jonathan Roller

Jonathan L. Roller, CPA

John Schiavone

John P. Schiavone, CPA

Mary Young

Mary F. Young, CPA, CIA


Upcoming Events

Webinar Series Part V: Changes to Lease Accounting and How it Impacts Your Organization

Webinar Series Part V: Changes to Lease Accounting and How it Impacts Your Organization

July 27, 2021

The accounting for leases is changing significantly. The required implementation of FASB ASC 842 will mandate that most leases are included on the balance sheet as a right-of-use asset, with a corresponding lease liability. The new standard will impact nearly all commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations and is effective for annual reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2021.

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Webinar Series Part VI: The Pandemic and the Economy - Where Are We Now?

Webinar Series Part VI: The Pandemic and the Economy - Where Are We Now?

August 10, 2021

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact beyond health and safety concerns.  With millions of Americans vaccinated, where does the economy stand and what can be expected across the Upstate region, New York State, the United States, and Canada?

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