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Disruptive innovation creates new product and service opportunities for technology and bioscience companies. This opportunity is heavily influenced by a timeline to market, patent applications, regulations, and consumer acceptance.   

The balance between value and costs to prove and defend disruptive innovation is critical at all stages of development. To remain focused on what you do best, you need proactive solutions from collaborative and accessible business partners.

Lumsden McCormick works closely with technology and bioscience companies to develop strategic plans aimed at achieving strategic objectives. We will keep you updated on existing and emerging regulations that may impact your business. From startups to well-established businesses, our professionals provide innovative solutions to regional and global businesses.

In addition to cash flow and tax planning, we have a network of funding sources, including angel investors, venture capital firms, and private equity firms. We will also help you take advantage of incentive programs for which your business qualifies. As a proud member of the BDO Alliance USA, we have access to professional resources with expertise specific to your industry.

Our technology and bioscience services include:

Audit and Assurance Services

Tax Services

Consulting Services

For more information about accounting services for technology and bioscience companies, contact Cory Van Deusen or complete the form below.

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Webinar: Manufacturing CFO Panel - Achieving Growth in 2021

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